July 9, 2020

How will Trauma Diary Operate?

Here I will go over how I intend to run this blog!

I have several categories in mind to start and I am sure I will add and adjust as I get more comfortable in running a blog. You will start to see these categories pop up in the category tab for you to choose from on the home page as I start to add to each one of them.


Introduction- Here you can find my introduction as well as anything I deem necessary to best navigate this site, like this post here!

Mini Message Mondays- Every Monday I will post a mini positive message, prompt, or lesson!

To Be Continued…- Every Wednesday I will post a weekly “diary entry”. As the name suggests, they can and will likely be cut short leaving suspense (lol), and added to from week to week! So don’t worry, every Wednesday we will continue on!

Random Rants- With no set schedule or topic, this category will be a sampler of entries!

Quick Coping Tools- Again, with no set posting schedule, this category will be filled with discussions of some of the most helpful tools and techniques I use for symptom and emotion management!

Trauma Stories- Perhaps the hardest entries I will post here. These entries will undoubtedly be lengthy and they will come whenever and however they please!

In conclusion…

Weekly posting will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and I will also pick an entry of my choosing to post on Fridays! I may even post additional entries in addition to the set schedule, whenever I feel inclined to do so!

Thank you for visiting!

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