April 9, 2021

Journal Prompting

For today’s healthy coping tool I want to talk about journal prompts for healthy self-reflection.

A journal prompt is usually a question or statement that is meant to invoke inspiration to self-reflect or explore curiosity in some way. You can elaborate as much or as little as you’d like while engaging a journal prompt.

Journal prompts can be an extremely helpful tool when it comes to supporting your mental health. I make myself time to participate in journal prompts when I need help to self-soothe, when I find myself stuck in my racing mind and I am actively trying to redirect that, or when I would just like to develop a new mindset around myself or a situation. 

Although there are absolutely no rules here, ideally a journal prompt process would consist of a few very simple steps.

  • Choose a journal prompt that inspires you or that will move you in the direction of the mood you are trying to generate.

  • Follow and interpret that prompt, however you feel inclined to do so. As I stated you can get into as much or as little detail as you desire. Do what feels right to you. 

  • Take a moment at the end to reflect on what you can take away from participating in that prompt. 

If I had to make one rule, it would be that you must make these answers as “selfish” as possible. By this I mean to make them as authentic and honest as you can. To get the most from this practice you really should be writing what you feel and not what you think you should write.

Other than that, prompt away!! Google and Pinterest have endless prompts for you to follow, and as my blog grows I will have a hefty list here myself! As always, I hope you may find help in this outlet. We can never add too many tools to our arsenal to go up against our mental illnesses! 

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