April 10, 2021

These 10 Things Can Always Make Me Feel Better…

For todays Mini Message Monday I want us to work on a prompt together.

I have an entry about why I find prompts to be a healthy coping tool over in that category, so feel free to check that out if you haven’t already. 

– Ideally this is how it will work when we end up doing a prompt for Mondays message – 

I will list the prompt I choose, I will follow that prompt however it leads me, then I will conclude a little bit of what I was able to take away from doing the prompt. You can either do this while reading along (even in your head if you want), you can read this entry and then take 5 minutes or so to do this for yourself independently, or you can just take whatever you get from my entry and go on about your day! Feel free to make these answers as “SELFISH” as possible too, to get the most from them you should write what you really feel and not what you think you should write!

TODAYS PROMPT: No matter how terrible my day is, these ten things can always make me feel better…

  • Receiving affection from my spouse – Hands down, this is the number one thing to help soothe me in any emotion. Even if I am mid conflict with him, his affection has the ability to ground me.
  • Taking a bath – The bath is often my refuge. I also shamelessly release a lot of emotions while vulnerably sitting naked in the bathtub, lol.
  • Snuggling and smelling my “blankie” – I am an adult child. I have a crocheted blanket that I have carried around forever. I carry it with me nearly everywhere. I have done this my whole life, but I did have to replace the original one when it was lost during a rough spot in life.
  • Doing some form of art – Have you heard that mantra, “Art is my Therapy”? Well it is. I can genuinely clear my mind through art. It is just sometimes tricky to get myself to a space where I can allow myself the opportunity to fully dive in. 
  • Hugs from my son – Remember when I said these can and should get as selfish or honest as possible? Well here I am holding myself to that publicly. I without question love both of my children equally and beyond what words could explain. With that being said, my son and I have a mutually affectionate relationship and his tenderness and empathetic nature always pulls me to a safe space. 
  • Meditation – There is nothing like a guided body scan at the end of a day for me. I mean anytime really, but I specifically use them to regroup myself and slow my racing mind at the end of the day.
  • Getting out and moving around – Sometimes this means shopping, which may not be the healthiest… BUT I love dollar stores and Walmart, and I am probably the cheapest person I know when it comes to material things, so it’s not too bad. Other times this means just getting out of my house in general because I don’t leave much. I love walks and fresh, cool air. 
  • Reading Al-Anon literature – The messages and positivity that live in all of these books I have accumulated can always recenter me when my mind is trying to take a negative turn.
  • Affirmations – This one can be tricky too, but if I try really hard I can redirect my thoughts and pull myself out of a negative head space. It is easier to do with the added help from an outside source, though.
  • Reflecting on my family – I am so grateful for my spouse and our children. I am so proud of my family. I am so proud of who we are and for the things we choose for ourselves. Our growth and drive is so powerful and if I spend my time keeping my focus here, I can become easily overwhelmed with gratitude.

In conclusion… 

I feel I should keep this list in my reach at all times. It was really good to compile a list of things that can help me through when I am feeling in need of a boost or an all around adjustment. I am happy when I look at these responses. This list essentially forced me to relive the experiences I get when I seek out these actions. I want to remind myself of the things I can do more of, instead of just focusing so much on what I feel stuck in. I know a growth mindset isn’t a cure for mental illness, but it damn sure has the ability to help. I enjoyed this prompt and I really hope you guys practice these along with me when I do them!

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