January 18, 2021

Who is behind Trauma Diary

Trauma Diary WriterIntroduction

Hi, I am Lindsey. I am the creator of Trauma Diary. The stories I will write here are my personal life experiences, my “diary” if you will. I had initially selfishly thought to create Trauma Diary, anonymously, just to get my thoughts and emotions out there to anyone who may understand me. I thought doing this would help me feel more validated because I just knew some people out there would understand. Then, the more I contemplated seriously on creating this blog, I realized… I was actually going to do this with the hope to connect with others who are also influenced by mental illness in some way. I will create this place for all of us to belong without judgement, even when we do not feel like we belong within ourselves. For the small chance that I may be able to allow someone to feel more understood and less alone. I will do this for the opportunity to inspire hope in ourselves, to influence change in our self-image, and for the possibility that I have the ability create words for people to put with their own emotions, these people that might not know how to explain those emotions yet for themselves. For these reasons I will plaster my face proud. None of us should feel alone, ashamed, or embarrassed in our mental illness, no matter how different our struggles or how we interpret our struggles can be.

Thank you for visiting!